TIE is the expert in transportation insurance

Connecting your clients to the right carriers.

Partner with TIE

Are you interested in becoming a carrier partner? Grow your business with TIE. Over the past year, TIE has experienced rapid profitable growth substantially increasing the number of carrier partners and insureds.

The Transportation Insurance Network

TIE has developed the insurance network and innovative programs to give insurance agents the competitive advantage when serving their customers.

The Insured

TIE insures long-haul freight carriers and both regional and local trucking companies.

Commercial Insurance Agents

Our agent partners connect with TIE to offer specialized insurance products to their clients.


TIE’s sole focus on transportation insurance makes it the expert in the industry.


TIE partners with Carriers, Data Vendors, and Insurance Programs to create innovative transportation insurance solutions.


TIE is a proud member of the following industry associations.

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