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Our people provide the personal, responsive service that our clients depend on and appreciate. From your initial call, you will speak to knowledgeable and professional TIE team members committed to identifying and selecting the right plan.We are dedicated to focusing on your insurance, risk financing and risk management solutions. Our efforts to secure profound and unique relationships with Insurance Carriers across the US allows us to access many markets to ensure the Insured’s get great premium pricing available for their Trucking Insurance needs.Every company needs to cut its costs to remain profitable and Insurance can be a significant cost to any business. But with great drivers and reduced loss runs, companies can help themselves in having a better incident record and in combination with ourselves maximize their potential earnings.Using TIE will help contribute your business to achieving your bottom line goals. With our New Venture Program, we will be able to connect you to a compliance business we partner with to ensure your company and its drivers stay and remain in an compliant state giving you more time to hit your goals.


Why choose Transportation Insurance Experts for your insurance plan? It’s simple. Our relationships with insurance companies and our partnership with PEOPLEASE bring you a broader range of solutions. You will benefit from insurance solutions only available through TIE, along with risk management and risk financing. Our personal service, industry expertise and more innovative and broader range of solutions translate to a more rewarding experience.We specialize in insurance solutions for small and mid-sized transportation fleets, which means our team of agents with trucking industry expertise understand and will meet your specific needs—whether it is insuring your tractor trailers or the cargo within them or ensuring the premiums more closely match your cash flow or payroll cycles.You can count on us to provide you with a marketplace of the solutions you need and the financing options to simplify the administration process so you can focus on running your business.