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Whether you are a large truck company or an O/O, GL insurance is a good idea. General liability insurance can cover risks to your business outside of operating your truck. Some of the exposures GL insurance can guard you against are:

  • Delivering your load to the wrong place

  • A client slipping and falling in your office

  • One of your drivers going berserk at a truck stop

  • Slandering a load broker that later sues you

It makes sense to cover your risks whether they are on the road of off the road.

Most GL policies for truckers start at a policy limit of $300,000.

The most common limits, however, are $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $2,000,000 aggregate.

Higher limits can be obtained if needed. Also, if you are hauling certain hazardous materials, you may want to add a pollution endorsement. When you talk to your agent, make sure you are adequately covered for your unique risks.